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Grounded wisdom for the real world

Hi, I'm Cory. I help creative people better understand themselves and the world.

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The six parts of self-esteem (and how to build them)

For a long time, I thought self-esteem was just something that happened to you. I was wrong.

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A practical definition of love

It’s a simple way to understand something vital (but murky).

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Love and chunder: how to reframe bad times

Reframing bad times can help get you through them – even if those bad times are coming out of you.

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Figuring out who you are using stuff won't work

Consumerism is fun, sure, but it won’t help you define yourself. (And your self isn’t even real.)

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Changing your life takes more than just ideas

You're built by attention and action – not just what you tell yourself.

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